Friday 10th December 2021

Dear Parent or Carer,

For Students in Years 10 – 13 Only

We are once again experiencing high levels of absence. Today, there are 20 staff absent, including half of the canteen serving staff, which is putting pressure on the smooth running of the school. I am already aware of a number of known staff absences next week that have to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, three of our regular supply teachers are not available, which is also limiting our options. We can manage for the first three days of next week, as long as absence rates do not increase. However, it is sensible to put in place contingency plans in the event staff attendance rates deteriorate further.

If we act on the contingency plans, I will be asking students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 to remain at home on the last two days of term. If this is the case, you will receive confirmation via an ‘In Touch’ text message and also on social media.

The exception to this will be any students in Years 11 – 13 who have missed assessments because of illness; they will be required to attend to complete their work in the Sixth Form, during their normal lesson time. Full school uniform will be required.

I am also aware that the following groups of students have assessments on Thursday and Friday. They will be required to attend their lessons, departing after they have completed their assessments, or studying in the library if they need to wait for buses at 3.20pm:

  • Year 11 French (Set 1 French with Mr Darron) – which will take place on Thursday 16th at 9.10am in K4
  • Year 13 Further Maths (Mr Godwin) - which will take place on Thursday 16th at 9.10am in P2
  • Year 13 Classical Civilisation (Ms Duffy) – which will take place on Friday 17th December at 9.10am in K1
  • Year 13 BTEC Sport (Mr Kinrade) – which will take place on Thursday 9.10am and Friday 13.40pm in L1

In a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, our young people continue to display resilience and good humour. I wish you and all those you care for a wonderful Christmas along with peace and joy now and throughout 2022.

With kind regards,

Adrienne Burnett,

Head Teacher