December 17th 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Much of the school term has felt “normal” and it has been lovely to see students fully engaged in learning in classrooms and participating in extra-curricular clubs. Our sports teams have been practising and playing hard and there have been some closely-fought matches. Last month’s school show was fabulous and this week, we held a magnificent Carol Service, albeit with increased mitigation measures in place.

There is a sense though, of déjà vu, as we look across the water and see the increase in the omicron variant. At the moment, we are planning (and hoping for) “business as usual”, but if circumstances change, I want you to know that staff have been working in the background to ensure that we are fully-prepared for changes to our school routines. One new initiative is that we have created a google classroom for individual students who are not in school because of a range of reasons. This is in addition to the individual google classrooms that already exist. Should your child be required to isolate, you will receive an information sheet with details of how to access the work.

It Could have Ended Very differently

I am sharing the following information with the express permission of the parent and student concerned, although I will not identify them in the following paragraph.

Earlier this week, a Year 7 student, in a lesson, began to choke on a pen lid that he was chewing on. Mr Price, his teacher, went to his aid and tried to dislodge the pen lid by slapping him hard on his back. It did not work and the child quickly became blue in the face and struggled to breathe. Fortunately, Mr Price knew how to use the “Heimlich manoeuvre”, which is a first aid procedure used to treat airway obstructions. Happily it worked. The emergency services were quickly on the scene and although the student had to be air-lifted to hospital in England, he is now back on island and home with his family. We are very grateful to the student’s classmates, who were understandably upset, but were very sensible during the whole incident. A special thank you to the emergency services, to Noble’s Hospital, and to Mr Price, our hero.

Things could have turned out so differently. Please, remind your children not to put plastic objects in their mouths; this week, we had a salutary reminder of how fragile life can be.

Christmas Hampers

Thank you to everyone who helped create so many hampers, which have been donated to a range of charities and organisations, including the Food Bank, Women’s Refuge and St. Christopher’s.

In addition, over 400 pairs of football boots have been donated to young people in Nigeria. Thank you to our students for thinking of others less fortunate than us.

Students Doing the Right Things

Our staff have been busy over the last few days, issuing over 400 letters of congratulations to students in

Key Stage 3 whose attitudes to learning is “developed” or “highly developed” in at least 50% of their subjects.

Year 11 students have equally been busy with their re-arranged mock exams. Of all our Year groups, these amazing young people need to put their books away over Christmas and have a rest from academic study.

Life Can Be A Challenge

We know this can be a difficult time for some families and if you are struggling, please see the links below. There is always someone you can confide in.

Preparing for 2022

School opens on Tuesday 4th January. It only remains for me to thank you for your support and to wish you, and those you love, a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

With kind regards,

Adrienne Burnett,

Head Teacher.