Monday 10th January 2022

Dear Parent or Carer,

We have started the week with 22 teachers and 12 members of support staff absent. Of the 34 colleagues, over half have Covid, so we can estimate with some accuracy the length of their absence. Even though we have managed to recruit additional supply staff and are receiving support from the DESC, we are unable to cover all classes, alongside key areas of the school, such as the Canteen, where over half of the catering staff remain absent.

Therefore, this week’s contingency plans will require students in Years 9 and 10 to stay at home on the following dates:

Date: Year Group:
Tuesday 11th Jan 9
Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th Jan 10

Year 10 students who normally attend UCM on Wednesday should attend their college provision and return home afterwards.

Students will be provided with work via the ‘Online Provision’ Google classroom, details of which can be found below:

Year Group: Joining code:
Year 9
Year 10 xd7vydi

n.b. The Year 9 English workbook that students are using in lessons has been uploaded today.

In addition, each subject areas has its own Google Classroom on which additional resources can be found. Please be aware that students will not be directed to specific work. They are expected to locate and complete tasks appropriate to their year group and on topics that they may have been studying. Staff are not expected to provide further instructions, as they are either off ill, or will be teaching classes in school.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. We sincerely hope that we will be in a position to teach all students, face to face, in the very near future.

With kind regards,

Adrienne Burnett, Head Teacher