Dear Parent/Carer,

We have now received confirmation from Cambridge Assessment, regarding how they will award grades to students in the summer. Further information should be available for you to read on their website ( later on today.

The process is very similar to that being used by the other examination boards, who require us to provide fair, objective and carefully considered judgments of the grades that students would have been most likely to achieve in each subject if the exams had gone ahead. They will also require a rank order of students within each subject. Data from each school will then be standardised at a national level.

We have been told by the exam boards that we must not share grades with students, parents or carers “under any circumstances”. As such, please do not ask teachers about grades or rank positions.

This is not the position that any of us want to be in, but these are extraordinary times. We want to acknowledge the hard work of all of our students and the mature way in which they have accepted the current situation.

You can be assured that we will inform you as soon as any new information comes to light.

Yours sincerely,

P. A. Burnett,
Head Teacher