Update 1

Stop Press!

Justice, Common Sense and Compassion Prevail!

We have just heard that U.K. Exam Boards will base A Level and GCSE Results on Centre Assessed Grades (the marks awarded by teachers).

Please note: this does not yet apply to Cambridge International, but let us hope that they follow suit tomorrow, when they are due to make an announcement.

If you are due to go to university and this now changes where you are able to go, please e-mail Mr Karran; he will be in school tomorrow (Tuesday).

We look forward to seeing you on Results Day on Thursday.

Kind regards,

Mrs Burnett

Update 2

Hello Folks,

The following message, especially for our Sixth Form students, provides a further update:

1. The highest grade a student has been awarded will stand, whether that is a Teacher Predicted Grade or an algorithm grade.

2. The Government cap on University places has just been lifted; this will allow Universities to offer more places to students in Clearing.

3. BTEC results for Drama are still not in, although they were due on Thursday 13th August. This is as a result of an issue at Pearson Exam Board.

4. The move to Teacher Assessed Grades is for both A Level and AS Level. We have asked Pearson if it will include BTEC, but have yet to get a response.

Please note, our Exams Officer, Mrs O’Neill, can only send out CAG grades (Teacher assessed grades) if they are requested via student email addresses. (This is for data protection reasons). She cannot send them to parents. Understandably, she has had a lot of emails since 4pm! She will be back in school at 8.30 am tomorrow (Tuesday 18th August), alongside Mr Karran, so that they can do as much as possible to help our students.

The following is a statement from Cambridge International:

Cambridge International update on how we are awarding grades for the June 2020 series

17 Aug 2020

On 14 August we said we were looking at how we could best respond to feedback from schools and students on the outcomes of the June 2020 series. We have decided to bring forward this response to today.

It is important to us that Cambridge students can compete on an equal basis with students who have similar national or international qualifications, and that their hard work and achievements are compared fairly. We fully recognise the urgent and practical need to help Cambridge students progress with their education and their lives.

We have decided that grades we issue for the June 2020 series will not be lower than the predicted grade submitted by the school. Where a grade we issued last week was higher than the predicted grade, the higher grade will stand.

We will issue new grades as soon as possible. We will also share the new grades with universities and admissions organisations as soon as we can in the coming days. We will post the new grades to Cambridge International Direct.

In April, we asked our schools to work collaboratively with us. We know teachers worked extremely hard to gather evidence and work out predicted grades, and we have viewed a significant proportion of the evidence schools used to make their predictions.

In the meantime, in order to provide immediate certainty to students, schools can inform them of the predicted grades they submitted to us. We provided this information to schools on results day.

We are very grateful to schools for working with us so patiently throughout this challenging period. We will update schools further on this process on Wednesday 19 August 2020.