Mr Karran's Blog

I always knew that there was something special about the Ballakermeen Sixth Form but this recent period of necessary lockdown has helped me understand exactly what it is. For three years, I have been trying to figure out why this our learning environment is such a great place to be, even at the most challenging times of year. I’ve been trying to understand why my Sixth Form team come in with such a smile on their face, why teaching staff love to visit our centre and why the Head teacher has always said that it holds such historic significance for our school. As much as we love the size and scale of our facilities (and there is no doubt that this helps foster a better culture of learning), that isn’t the reason behind the real magic of the Ballakermeen Sixth Form.

For the last five weeks, I have been overwhelmed by the community spirit that has been shown by our students. These young people have had their lives turned upside down by the cancellation of exams and the sudden end to their school year. Everything they have worked so hard for has just disappeared, in an inexplicable way. However, instead of moaning and complaining about their fate, they have demonstrated a real concern for the Manx community, seeing the bigger picture and helping each other through this tough lockdown. Every email that I have received has asked about my health, every student has been concerned about how my colleagues are getting on and how the school is coping.

It was on reading these emails that I finally understood what is means to be part of this magical Ballakermeen family. Our Sixth Formers are proud of where they study and they are walking in the footsteps of relatives who were proud to study there too. They know they are playing their part in an exciting time in the school’s history as we continue to raise the standards of post 16 education, raising the bar higher than it has ever been on this Island. This motivates them, this inspires them and, most importantly, this makes them great people.

Our legacy is where our magic comes from, our future is bright.

Take care and look after your families during this difficult time,