The school day is broken down into sessions including a tutor period, six lessons times and a lunch break.

Students are required to be on the school premises no later than 8.45am so that they can be registered by their tutor. The school day ends at 3.20pm for students.

Period 1 (Registration) 8.45am - 9.10am
Period 2 9.10am - 10.00am
Period 3 10.00am - 10.50am
10.50am - 11.10am
Period 4 11.10am - 12.00pm
Period 5 (Lunch: Years 7, 9 & 11) 12.00pm - 12.50pm
Period 6 (Lunch: Years 8, 10, 12 & 13) 12.50pm - 1.40pm
Period 7 1.40pm - 2.30pm
Period 8 2.30pm - 3.20pm

For those who wish to stay after school and access resources for homework/coursework, partake in some self-directed study or even just read a book, the main library will remain open until 4.00pm each day.