Academic Tutoring replaced the more traditional Parents’ Evening when we realised they weren’t an effective use of parents’ time. When your child’s formal school report is issued an Academic Tutoring day will follow within the week of two after. This gives you time to digest the information on the report so that when you meet with your child’s tutor you know exactly what areas you would like to discuss. You are also free to contact your child’s tutor with any questions prior to your appointment so that they can have the answers ready for you when you meet

Firstly, tutors are available from 8.00am to 7.00pm and you will be invited to choose a 15 minute slot anytime throughout the day at a time that suits you. You may choose to pick an appointment before or after work, perhaps on your lunchbreak or at a time that suits your employer should you decide to attend during work time.

Secondly, your child will not be expected to attend school that day other than to join you and their tutor for your appointment. Students should wear their school uniform when attending Academic Tutoring.

Upon arriving at the school reception, a member of staff will direct you to the meeting venue. Light refreshments will be available whilst you wait for your appointment to begin.

During the meeting with your child’s tutor they will discuss a range of areas with you including attainment, punctuality, attendance, opportunities and any upcoming events that you may need to be aware of.