We hope the information in this newsletter will provide you with some helpful information about Year 9. You will see from the details below that your child has non-core mock exams in December and we have included revision information for you to discuss with your child (The core subjects are Mathematics, Science and English). Academic Tutoring Day takes place on 8th February, with the Year 10 Options process commencing just prior to this. In the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school, either by writing a note in your child’s student planner, or by contacting the school via e-mail.

Miss J. Hicks,
Key Stage 3 & 4 Director

Monday 5th - Friday 9th December Mock Exams
Tuesday 24th January 'Learn to Earn' Day
Friday 27th January Reports and Mock Results Issued
Wednesday 8th February Academic Tutoring
Friday 3rd March Options Form Deadline
Monday 12th - Friday 16th June Core Exams
Friday 14th July Year 9 End of KS3 Report issued

Year 9 Non-core Mock Exams

From Monday 5th to Friday 9th December students in Year 9 will sit mock exams in non-core subjects. These formal assessments will be conducted in normal lessons. An overview of the scheduled exams is shown below.

Subject Topics of Study Important Information

Reading and Writing

50 minutes
  • School subjects
  • Opinions
  • School uniform
  • School facilities
  • Clothes
  • Jobs / places of work
  • Personality
  • Short answers
  • Labelling items
  • Matching French and English
  • Adapting sentences
  • Writing French using a sentence builder
  • Translating into French

Reading 30 minutes

Writing 30 minutes
  • Countries
  • Details of a past holiday
  • Jobs
  • Characteristics
  • (Pocket) money
The Reading Paper will contain the following:

  • Comprehension
  • Short answers
  • Matching German/English
The Writing Paper will contain the following:

  • Translation from English to German and German to English
  • A Writing task about jobs, characteristics and money

45 minutes
  • Map skills
  • Tectonics
  • Extreme weather
  • Maps – grid references, using scale, general map reading
  • Tectonics – plate boundaries, earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Extreme weather – hurricanes and tornadoes
Further information will be on your class Google Classroom
Equipment needed: pen, pencil and ruler

Written Essay 15 minutes

Source Comprehension 30 minutes
Suffragettes in the UK and IOM 1888 - 1928

  • Women in Victorian England
  • Women and the vote – IOM + UK
  • Women and the Great War

  • 15 minutes written essay

  • 30 minutes source comprehension question
The exam will take place over 1 lesson

Equipment: Black ink pen, pencil, ruler, rubber are needed for all exams.

My exam timetable is:

Subject Paper Date of Exam
French Reading
French Writing
German Reading
German Writing
History Multiple choice
History IGCSE style essay
History Source Comprehension