Letter from Head Teacher Mr Corrin regarding School Uniform:

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School Uniform for Years 7 - 11


  • Navy blue or black, plain school trousers (for all years) of a suitable, formal design. Skinny trousers, leggings, jeans, or any other non-formal trouser styles are not acceptable. Navy blue/black tailored shorts are allowed.
  • Navy blue or black, plain or pleated school uniform skirt. Please ensure that the skirt is of an appropriate length and is a formal school skirt - not lycra or tight fitting
  • White shirt with collar suitable for wearing a tie
  • BHS school tie
  • Navy school blazer (BHS badge available)
  • Plain, black, smart shoes with no obvious logo
  • Plain navy or black socks, or black tights
  • Jumper (optional) - navy, plain V-necked. Hooded tops are not permitted
  • Students will be provided with a lanyard to hold their smartcard. This is part of school uniform.

We advise that all uniform is clearly named.

Click here to view Example Guide for skirts and shoes.

Personal Appearance

The following are permitted:

  • A plain ring that can be worn on one hand
  • Years 10 and 11 are allowed a minimal amount of concealing foundation discreetly applied
  • One small plain stud worn in either or both ears (no hooped earrings)
  • One small stud worn in nose
  • Any other piercings should be removed or covered
  • Years 10 and 11 can wear a single colour of nail varnish
  • Extremes of hairstyle are not allowed (if in doubt, please ask in advance)
  • Coats or outerwear must be removed whilst in the school building. All garments must be clearly marked with the owner’s name so that they can be returned if lost. Parents are strongly advised not to send children to school in expensive coats as we regularly have a number of coats left in Lost Property, unclaimed by the students.

For reasons of health and safety:

  • Jewellery must be removed during P.E. lessons
  • Long hair must always be tied back/up in all lessons when practical activities take place
  • Long natural or acrylic nails must be cut to a safe length to avoid injury

P.E. Kit


All students are required to have the following P.E. Kit for their lessons. The navy blue Ballakermeen polo shirt is the only compulsory branded item. All other items may be either plain or Ballakermeen branded. No other brands will be accepted. As long as students wear their Ballakermeen polo shirt on top, they may layer other clothing underneath.

  • Navy blue Ballakermeen polo shirt (compulsory)
  • Plain navy blue zipped top (optional) - no hoods
  • Plain navy blue or black shorts/skort or leggings
  • Navy blue football socks
  • Training shoes
  • Football boots/astro trainers (would be beneficial for some lessons but not compulsory)
  • Swimming costume/short/trunks, (optional) goggles
  • Towel

All kit must be clearly named.

Although not compulsory, we strongly advise that students wear the appropriate safety equipment for each activity e.g. shin-pads, gum shield, etc.

Sixth Form Uniform

Click here for Sixth Form dress code

Purchasing Uniform

Blazers, sweatshirts, and BHS branded polo shirts may be purchased from Promenade Shirts and Embroidery (PSE) Ltd. They also stock other non-branded kit, which may be bought from various other retailers. PSE can embroider the Ballakermeen logo onto other items if desired (only the branded polo shirt is compulsory).

We would recommend that orders placed with PSE are made by the end of May 2024 to ensure that they are able to order in bulk and collate in time for issue before the new school year in September.

If ordering from PSE Ltd: Choose the option for Ballakermeen High School and complete the online order form for payment by debit or credit card. These items can also be purchased in store in person.

There is no obligation to purchase a blazer or any non-compulsory item from PSE Ltd - any navy school blazer may be bought from various retailers, and Ballakermeen sell the BHS Logo embroidered sew-on badges (£3 each).

Purchasing Ties and Badges (In School)

Ballakermeen school ties and embroidered badges may be purchased via ParentPay (this facility will be available to new Year 7s at a later date) or via the School Foyer.

Standard ties are £6.50; Clip-on ties (£7.00) will be available if preferred for September 2024 intake.

Sew-on BHS logo embroidered badges are available to buy in School for £3.00.

Other Requirements

The minimum requirements for Books and Equipment are:

  • A suitable bag for books and other equipment
  • Pens and pencils, a ruler, an eraser, crayons or felt tips
  • Student planner (supplied by school)
  • Lockers will be available at a ‘one off’ cost of £5, subject to availability
  • Compasses and protractors will be available in classrooms.
  • Students are taught how to use the functions on a scientific calculator, as these skills will be needed for external exams. It would be beneficial to purchase a calculator. We recommend ‘Casio’ as this is the brand we use in school.

All students will have access to the library as well as the school’s computers and printers for research and homework before, during, and after school.