Your child’s tutor is your first point of contact within school. Ordinarily your child’s planner is the method used to pass messages between school and home, so it is important to check this regularly. If you need more direct contact with your child’s tutor then you may request their email address or contact them via the school office by telephoning (01624) 648700.

It is important to remember that tutors are classroom teachers and as such may not be in a position to return your call or reply to an email immediately. However, they will always do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

If the tutor feels that a particular issue or concern is best dealt with by a different member of staff in a better position to help, they will discuss this with you first before passing your contact information on.

Heads of Year

While the tutor is always the primary point of contact, other key people that you may interact with from time to time are the Head of Year and Year Group Pastoral Support, who are there to help students and parents in all areas of school life be it academic, pastoral, or just providing another avenue of support and guidance.

General Enquiries

For general enquiries to the school office please email: BHSEnquiries@sch.im

For reporting student absence please telephone: 648709.

Please note that our social media pages should not be used to contact the school for any reason other than interacting with the content posted. This is because these platforms are not monitored as regularly as other forms of communication.