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Controlled Assessment

Parents and carers are advised that students may have to do Controlled Assessment tests at any time during the course of their studies. Controlled Assessments take many different forms: in some practical subjects assessment is ongoing; in other subjects a period of preparation may be required, followed by set number of hours to do the task. If students are absent and miss this test a new task has to be set and prepared for before another test can be scheduled. It is therefore vitally important that students check with their teachers before any holidays or other reasons for absence are booked. It is difficult to catch up missed Controlled Assessment work, and a student is very likely to be disadvantaged as a result.

Centre Defined Examinations

There are a few GCSE subjects whose examinations are not timetabled by the examination boards and do not appear on the published examination timetables. These mainly involve practical subjects such as Art, Photography, ICT, Music and Drama, but also include language orals.

Parents and carers are advised that students will be given advance notice of the date of such examinations as early as possible. As these dates are advised to the relevant examination board, and in many cases examiners and moderators attend, such dates are to be treated the same as for externally set examination dates. It is not possible for a student to sit such an examination once the date has passed.

Examination Resit Fees

Where a student asks to re-sit an examination unit, a non-refundable administration fee of £5.00 is charged by BHS in addition to the fee charged by the examination board for the unit itself.

A list of current examination board fees will be published here soon.

Examination Equipment

Students need to bring the necessary equipment: a black biro, pencil, ruler, and rubber, as well as more specific items such as a calculator, protractor and compasses when appropriate. Parents and carers are asked to check that students have the right equipment ready for each examination session. Failure to come properly equipped causes delays and upset to other candidates. The school is not responsible for providing any of this equipment. It is expected that students will be seated in their places ten minutes before the scheduled start of the examination, ready for final instructions and information.

Examination Re-marks

If a student wishes to challenge a grade, this must be done through the school. A non-refundable administration fee of £5 must be paid to school for each re-mark request. Additionally, examination boards charge different fees for re-marks according to level and subject. Please obtain a form from the Examinations Officer, and complete it. Pay the fee at the foyer and get a receipt. Then return the form and the receipt to the Examinations Officer for forwarding to the relevant exam board.

The re-marking process may result in marks going down or remaining as they are, as well as being raised. Should a re-mark request result in an increased grade, the examination board concerned will refund the cost of the re-mark.

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