See below various online safety guides from National Online Safety. These guides are designed to raise awareness of Internet Safety and empower parents and carers with the knowledge they need to keep children safe online. The guides will also be sent out electronically via Parent App and uploaded to each year group via Google Classroom so they can be seen by our students. If you do not have access to Parent App and would like an email invitation to join, please contact:

Getting Started with Parent App

Online Safety Guides:

Last year, around one in five children aged 10–15 in England and Wales admitted experiencing online bullying: most commonly being insulted or sworn at, or having hurtful messages sent about them. To a child who’s being bullied, the world can seem like a bleak, negative place – but just one kind word can be a ray of hope: a turning point that brightens someone’s day and resets their perspective.

Online Bullying
What is cyberbullying, why does it happen, how it feels, who to tell, and how to stay safe online.

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Conversation Starters
Starting a conversation about online safety with children and seeking advice.

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14 ways to be kind online
Small gestures and acts of kindness online that can have a large impact and make the world a happier place.

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Gaming at Christmas
How to keep your child safe whilst gaming, including choosing child-friendly games, safety settings, and in-game purchases.

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10 ways to share kindness online
Promoting positive behaviour online, including offering to help, reaching out, and thinking before commenting.

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Apps/Games Guide:

Snapchat.png?m=1687425887 Guide to Snapchat:
Snapchat is a photo sharing app, allowing users to share images, videos and chat with friends through voice call or text message. Users can share to specific friends, or through a ‘story’ shared with their entire friend list, which documents the previous 24 hours.

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Among_Us.png?m=1687425966 Guide to Among Us:

Among Us is a popular space-themed social deduction game where 4-10 players take on the guise of cremates and must complete various tasks around their spaceship, whilst randomly selected imposters try to sabotage the others’ efforts.

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Yubo2.png?m=1687426557 Guide to Yubo:

Yubo is a location-based social networking app previously known as ‘Yellow.’ It has been dubbed ‘Tinder for teens’ due to its similarities with the adult dating app in which users swipe to find matches. Yubo also allows users to livestream themselves to anyone watching and rate other users.

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Fortnite.png?m=1687425981 Guide to Fortnite:

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world with around 350 million registered players. It began as a ‘battle Royale’ contest where up to 100 online players fight with various weaponry to be the last one standing. Today it features multiple other modes.

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Tiktok.png?m=1687425987 Guide to TikTok:

TikTok is a video-sharing social media app which lets people create, view and download looping clips, often enhanced with filters, effects and text. Commonly these are videos of users lip-syncing, dancing, or soundbites.

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Safer Schools

The team at Safer Schools have designed a free App that educates young people on safe usage of the internet both in school and at home. By using the App, both you and your child will have access to content, tips and advice on how to stay safe online.

It provides the user with an in-depth understanding of Social Media and the benefits and risks of Apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Houseparty, to name but a few. The App also provides information on developing healthy screen time and social media habits, protecting yourself from the latest scams and how best to keep your personal information safe online. The in-App Safety Centre has up-to-date information on how to block, mute and report anything you or the child in your care may find worrying or upsetting online, from images to comments from online bullies.

Downloading the app:

  1. Search ‘Safer Schools’ on your relevant mobile app-store and download the app.
  2. Open the app and type in ‘Ballakermeen High School’ enter the parental entry code: 7675.

The content for students is designed to be age appropriate so there are student codes for each year group. Please refer to the letter sent out to parents/carers for these codes or contact