See below various online safety guides from National Online Safety. These guides are designed to raise awareness of Internet Safety and empower parents and carers with the knowledge they need to keep children safe online.

The guides will also be sent out electronically via Parent App and uploaded to each year group via Google Classroom so they can be seen by our students.

If you do not have access to Parent App and would like an email invitation to join, please contact:

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Online Safety Guides:

Online Bullying

Guide to Snapchat

Guide to YOLO

Online Content - Conversation Starters

14 ways to be kind online

Among Us

TikTok Guidance


Keeping children safe whilst gaming this Christmas


Being Kind Online:

10 ways you can share kindness online

Last year, around one in five children aged 10–15 in England and Wales admitted experiencing online bullying: most commonly being insulted or sworn at, or having hurtful messages sent about them. To a child who’s being bullied, the world can seem like a bleak, negative place – but just one kind word can be a ray of hope: a turning point that brightens someone’s day and resets their perspective. That’s why ‘One Kind Word’ is the theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2021 for National Online Safety. They are supporting this year’s event by bringing you ten top tips for beating online bullying by replacing it with kindness. In the above guide, you'll find tips such as reaching out, thinking before commenting and recommending fun things.