The annual North American Manx Association awards recognise “outstanding achievements” by young people on the Isle of Man and honour their contribution to Manx culture in areas such as language and music.

Evie in Year 10 was recently awarded the Manx Community Award for her inspirational podcast series “Talking in the Dark”, which has included thought-provoking interviews with actor Stephen Fry and Michelin starred chef, Michel Roux Jr. Evie's podcasts have attracted a global audience by illuminating the triumphs and challenges of living with visual impairments, “I love what I do and I am delighted to win this fantastic award.”

The judges said her “talent and dedication” has served as a “beacon of empowerment and understanding” for the Manx blind communities.

Daphne Caine MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said: “The awards recognise the exceptional talents of our young people and their major contribution to our unique Manx culture. “All our winners should be extremely proud of their accomplishments as they are a testament to the hard work and passion they have shown for the island’s rich culture and I have been very inspired by them all.”

Laurence Skelly MLC, President of Tynwald and Past President of NAMA, said: ‘Recognising our heritage and culture gives a sense of unity and belonging so it is crucial to acknowledge these fantastic young people for their outstanding contribution.’

All eight winners received an engraved silver medallion from NAMA’s Jane Sailor-Morey.