Year 10 student Evie created her very own podcast, 'Talking in the Dark' to raise awareness about blindness, visual impairment and disability in general, in a happy and light-hearted way. Evie was born with a condition called bilateral anopthalmia, meaning her eyes didn’t develop, and as a result Evie now wears prosthetics. Through the podcast Evie aims to get rid of the stigma and stereotypes around disabilities whilst having fun conversations at the same time! During the interviews Evie will talk to people from all walks of life, including, at times, people with physical conditions like hers, getting to know all about them and the lives that they lead.

Episode 15

(AD: In the image there is a purple background with two distinct photographs on either side. The photograph on the right-hand side is of Evie who is sat behind a grey desk. Evie has shoulder length red hair and is smiling. She is wearing school uniform. The photograph on the left-hand side is of Keith Turner running untethered at the Great North Run. In the photograph Keith is on the road, mid stride with the crowd behind him. Keith has a shaved head and is wearing a green running vest, black shorts and black trainers.)

Distance running is an incredibly challenging sport for anyone to take part in and it's a discipline that requires great commitment, resilience, strength and stamina to succeed in.

This week on Talking in the Dark, Evie speaks with blind runner Keith Turner about growing up visually impaired, attempting a new world record for an untethered run at this year’s Great North Run, and the many wonderful ways running has informed his life.

This is a lovely conversation with a truly inspiring athlete who is also a fantastic ambassador for blind runners.

A big thank you to Keith for coming on the podcast and sharing his love of life and athletics with Evie.

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