Dear Parent or Carer,

We would like to invite you to our Year 13 Academic Review Day on Thursday 15th February. The event will be held in the school’s Sixth Form Centre between the hours of 8am and 7pm.

The day will provide you with the opportunity to meet with your son/daughter’s Form Tutor to discuss their academic progress.

This year, appointments will be made via an online booking system. Full details of how to log in and make a booking are outlined here. Tutors will publish their hours of availability (i.e. 8am-3.30pm) and appointments are to be made during this window. Tutors will ensure they allocate enough slots to enable each of their tutees to receive an appointment. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. In the instance that you log in to the Parents Meetings platform to find no appointments slots remaining, please contact the school using

We recommend that you log into the system before Friday 9th February 2024 to ensure you can gain access to the platform. You will not, however, be able to make an appointment until bookings open. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the school using

Online booking will be open from:

  • 8am on Friday 9th February 2024 until midday on Monday 12th February 2024.

Please ensure you log in as soon as possible to ensure that you secure your preferred appointment time.

When you make your appointment, you will have the option to enter any queries relating to your child’s progress that you wish to discuss during the 15 minute meeting. Your son/daughter’s tutor will then endeavour to gather the relevant information from the appropriate subject staff in advance of Academic Review Day. Please note, questions cannot be entered or edited once the booking has been made.

On the day itself, students are expected to attend the review meeting. Following the conversation with your son/daughter’s tutor, there will be an opportunity to meet with a member of Sixth Form Team, if you wish. Scheduled appointments are not needed for these meetings and members of the team will be sitting in the waiting room.

If you have any questions about the above event please do not hesitate to contact me on

Yours sincerely,

Richard Karran
Director of Sixth Form