Our wonderful Design & Technology team organised a visit from the McLaren Supercar Team this morning thanks to Love Tech Isle of Man!

Our Year 8 students enjoyed a workshop consisting of a presentation all about the automotive industry and careers in engineering, including looking at the components of McLaren supercars, and took part in a competition to design their own supercars with prizes for the top teams! The real highlight though was getting to look at (and for a lucky few- sit inside!) the McLaren Artura new next-generation hybrid supercar.

Love Tech is dedicated to inspiring young people to explore STEM opportunities, and this collaboration with McLaren has been an incredibly exciting opportunity for our students to explore the endless possibilities in the automotive and engineering industries!

A massive thank you to Alexandria Halsall and Adam Drummond from LoveTech, and Ella Podmore MBE, Rob Yates, and Bethany Elliot from McLaren for taking the time to speak to our students.

View more photos here.