Dear Parent/Carer

We are planning to make a minor change to the timing of the school day from September 2024 to accommodate changes in the delivery of PSHE/RSE considering the recommendations made in the recent DESC PSHE/RSE Review.

The proposed change would mean that:

  • the compulsory school day would commence at 8.50am rather than 8.45am
  • all lessons, Monday to Thursday, would still be 50 minutes in duration
  • there would still be the same number of curriculum lessons through the working week
  • the pattern would be slightly different on a Friday when a PSHE lesson would be delivered in a dedicated weekly lesson
  • other lessons on a Friday would be 45 minutes
  • the start and end of the school day would remain 8.50am and 3.20pm respectively every day

Proposed times for September 2024 are as follows:

Monday - Thursday Friday
Period 1
8.50am - 9.10am 8.50am - 9.00am
PSHE 9.00am - 9.45am
Period 2 9.10am - 10.00am 9.45am - 10.30am
Period 3 10.00am - 10.50am 10.30am - 11.15am
Breaktime 10.50am - 11.10am 11.15am - 11.35am
Period 4 11.10am - 12.00pm 11.35am - 12.20pm
Period 5
(First Lunch: Years 7, 9 & 11)
12.00pm - 12.50pm 12.20pm - 1.05pm
Period 6
(Second Lunch: Tears 8, 10, 12 & 13)
12.50pm - 1.40pm 1.05pm - 1.50pm
Period 7 1.40pm - 2.30pm 1.50pm - 2.35pm
Period 8 2.30pm - 3.20pm 2.35pm - 3.20pm

There will be no need to alter bus times for the morning drop-offs at school or for bus pick-up times.

I would very much appreciate and value your feedback on this proposed change. The consultation will run for one month from 1st May 2024 to 31st May 2024 and any queries or feedback you wish to provide can be emailed to during the consultation period.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Graeme Corrin
Head Teacher