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Update on travel advice and Covid requirements for travel from Topflight.

Please would all parents read the email below, taking particular note of the information provided via the web links, which contain advice about whether your child will need a visa or not to travel to Italy, insurance information and Covid vaccination requirements.

If you have any queries on anything you read please contact school.

Kind regards

Deborah Evans

An update from Topflight

As we work to get back to how things were, we are very much aware that we are still in the climate of Covid 19 and that you as Group Leaders will no doubt be asked a variety of questions and queries relating to this coming up to your trip.

In order to assist you with these queries we have updated our website with the relevant links to the most current and updated travel information to your destination. We have also added information about insurance cover and a list of FAQs that parents and teachers can refer to for answers to any queries they may have.

Topflight for Schools -Travel advice

Topflight for Schools - Covid-19 FAQ

Topflight for Schools - Insurance Covid-19 Cover

At this point, what we can say with some certainty given past years experience, is that due to the ever evolving nature of the travel restrictions and to comply with requirements in place in ski resorts in order to access all services, we strongly recommend that all students and adults travelling keep up to date with the vaccination programme within the time frame required prior to departure.

The choice an individual makes in relation to vaccination is of course a personal matter, but passengers must follow the requirements in place at the time of travel to the destination country, in the resort and for the return home. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a passenger being denied boarding or entry to their destination country and/or facilities in the resort.

We would ask that all passengers are made aware of the above as Topflight for Schools are not obliged or able to provide refunds should the above occur.

As we move closer to the departure date, we will continue to work closely with you as Group Leader, help in any way we can and keep you updated on any major changes that may impact your travel arrangements.

We trust the above information will be a useful tool to help navigate the next few months. If you have any queries regarding the above please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Topflight for Schools