Year 10 student Evie created her very own podcast, 'Talking in the Dark' to raise awareness about blindness, visual impairment and disability in general, in a happy and light-hearted way. Evie was born with a condition called bilateral anopthalmia, meaning her eyes didn’t develop, and as a result Evie now wears prosthetics. Through the podcast Evie aims to get rid of the stigma and stereotypes around disabilities whilst having fun conversations at the same time! During the interviews Evie will talk to people from all walks of life, including, at times, people with physical conditions like hers, getting to know all about them and the lives that they lead.

Episode 14

(AD: Photo shows Evie and Lucy sat next to each other behind a grey table. They are both smiling. Evie, on the left of the image, has shoulder length red hair and is wearing school uniform. Lucy, on the right of the image, has long brown wavy hair, she has on glasses and is wearing a dark blue top that has a bright floral print. Lucy is also wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard.)

Many people live with disabilities that are not immediately recognisable, and this can lead to lots of issues for them around accessibility and inclusion.

In this highly informative episode of Talking in the Dark, Evie speaks with Lucy Buxton from the Manx Deaf Society about some of the problems that deaf people face in society and many of the misconceptions that surround this very common disability.

A huge thank you to Lucy for taking the time to speak with Evie and helping to spread more awareness of a very significant condition.

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