Following on from previous personalised correspondence we are pleased to report there has been a significant increase in students wearing a skirt that conforms to the school’s uniform policy. We would like to thank parents who have worked with us on this matter. Unfortunately, a number of incorrect skirts (namely tight fitting/lycra material) continue to be worn by a small but significant number of students. This notice is confirming that as of today any student continuing to wear a skirt deemed incorrect will be offered an alternative one to wear, or will be asked to go home to change their skirt for one that does meet with the school’s expectation. Anyone refusing the reasonable offer of an alternative skirt will be sanctioned in-line with the school’s behaviour policy.

If you require any financial support to purchase new uniform items, please contact the school in confidence or contact the Department of Education, Sport and Culture for more information about endowments for financial support or reimbursement. The application form for endowments can be found at the following link under downloadable documents: